Footprints: Play School & Day Care Creche

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Footprints Play School & Day Care Creche is the best preschool in Bangalore that offer highscope curriculum, a nurturing environment and an excellent teacher-student ratio. Footprints Play School & Day Care Creche offer quality education and care for children. A preschool, play school is a place where children can learn and play. It’s also a place where parents can find peace of mind, knowing their child is safe and well cared for. Footprints preschool is the ones that is designed to suit the needs of all children. We offer an excellent, personalized learning experience with every child. A preschool is a type of educational institution for young children. Footprints Play School & Day Care Creche is among the best in the country. The reason for this is that they have a lot of resources at their disposal and they are also able to provide quality education to their students. The teachers in Footprints schools are well qualified and they have undergone training on how to teach children. They also have a lot of experience in teaching children, which makes them more qualified than other teachers who do not teach preschools or day care centers.


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