REDBRICKS in Madhapur Coworking spaces for teams of 1 – 50. Just get started, with great amenities. A zero hassle office filled with an inspiring community. Ready to move in office space as a service.Introducing The Super Office™: A private, bespoke, managed workspace built to suit your work-style; with all benefits of a coworking space. Best of both worlds. You dream it, we build it. We custom-build productive, inspiring & innovative workspaces for your people. Leveraging our design & build expertise, we can acquire and run your entire office infrastructure across India. Buildings, Floors or even your HQ, as a Service.
A 40-year veteran, this was a first-mover in coworking office spaces. Expert design, 5-star hospitality, great amenities and exceptional service has earned us the trust of blue chip clients like Buzzfeed, Slack, HDFC, Viacom and CBRE. Join our community.

Price list of REDBRICKS in Madhapur:

from Rs. 12,000/month
Dedicated seat(s) in the open, shared coworking areas. It’s yours and yours only.

from Rs. 15,000/month
Flexibility of coworking, with privacy of your own, lockable, furnished cabin for Rent.

Super Office™
Rs. 20,000/month
Custom-built, branded offices designed built to suit your needs. You dream it, we build it.

On Request
Entire Buildings, Branded Floors, Custom design. Complete Real estate life cycle management.

A vibrant coworking ecosystem for entrepreneurs, Redbrick NTR Pride in Madhapur offers the most cost effective and flexible office space solutions. There are no dull 4 walls as the coworking office space creates a vibe to nurture innovative thoughts and collaboration. This office space attracts freelancers, digital- nomads, innovative startups and businesses in a friendly, highly affordable coworking space. You can even choose to rent a fully loaded meeting room, a perfect setting for professional interactions with teams or even clients. This is where interaction, collaboration and community naturally evolve amidst the minds that think outside the box.

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REDBRICKS in Madhapur
REDBRICKS in Madhapur