Gone are the days of cranky commuting in hectic traffic !!! Office Berth provides a creative co working spaces to a diverse community of freelancers, startups, and small companies. It is a coworking space in prime location of RRNagar, Bangalore. this space provides the required privacy and the optimal atmosphere that enhances the business productivity within affordable budgets.

THIS is  a attractive space with a perfect work atmosphere and happy environment with a leisure space for board games and a small library.

Coworking spaces offer the same amenities you would find in a traditional office, along with a lot more. A major differentiator is flexibility, since you don’t need to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space.Every coworking space will always have basics like WiFi, printers, usually some type of conference room… and some will have tea, coffee, and snacks available.Some will have startup resources at your disposal ranging from digital assets, and even coaches and advisors. Some may have 3D printers and other tech that you may not always have access to. Some budget-conscious coworking spaces are more barebones, offering little more than a desk and WiFi. Coworking spaces are popular in the startup and freelancing worlds. When coworking spaces came about, it was typical to think “startup” and picture some (over the top) office building where everyone rides around on unicycles and sits in giant bean bag chairs. However, its not just budget-conscious startups that take advantage of coworking.

Additionally coworking spaces are effective for small organizations that range from a one to several employees and also serve a purpose for larger organizations looking to innovate.The design and culture serves as an example for any organization looking to come up with fresh ideas and grow. It’s no wonder we have heard a lot of buzz about these spaces in the last couple of years. You can definitely expect to hear more and see more of these types of spaces popping up near you

Price list:

Open Desk:10 seater–₹ 3200 /month

Meeting Room:8 seater₹ , 500 /hour₹,  1000 /day₹,  15000 /month

Private Room:2 seater–₹ 4200 /month
2 seater–₹ 4200 /month

Event Space:60 seater-₹ 4000 /day

Amenities in office berth :

Wi Fi


White Board

Power Backup




Leased Line

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