CLAYWORKS CBD in mg road is located off MG Road in the heritage streets of Central Bangalore, Commissariat Road.With board well-designed roads leading to this beautiful standalone building built by Sobha Developers, Sobha Alexandria consists of Ground and four floors of retail and commercial office space. THIS SPACE provides sustainable and cozy shared offices.A thoughtful balance of private offices, common areas,  conference rooms & open desk.

Space creates workspaces, shared or standalone that inspire people to be at their productive best. this workspaces are full of character and are attractive to people who create meaningful work. Aesthetically refreshing, every  space gives a user a sense of excitement at work. From desks to chairs, from lighting to flooring.

All workspaces have a sustainable responsibility. Using optimal energy, having a waste/recycling plan, buying environment-friendly office supplies and cleaning products are some of the things that we are serious about. Thus, being as little damaging the environment as possible. And allowing every user to contribute in a sustainable workspace. Inspiring People to Work in Beautiful, Sustainable and Welcoming workspaces. Because Bottom lines Don’t Matter, People Do.People build businesses not the other way around.


Wi Fi: We provide wifi facility to our customers.

Virtual Office: we also have virtual office.

Pantry: we have pantry facility for our clients.

Projector: projector is also present in our office.

AC: ac is also present in our office space.

White Board: white board facility is also available in our office.

Power Backup: power backup facility is also available in case of a power cut.

2 Wheeler Parking: 2 wheeler parking facility is also available.

Security: security facility is also available in our office.

Reception: reception facility is also present in case of need.

Lift: lift is also present in the building.

Locker: locker facility is also available for our clients.

Tea/Coffee: tea/coffee is also available with  minimum charge.

4 Wheeler Parking: there is sufficient place for 4 wheeler parking.

Print/Scan/Copy: printer and scanner facility is also available.

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CLAYWORKS CBD in mg road
CLAYWORKS CBD in mg road