TABLE SPACE in old airportroad provide our clients with Work Space As A Service. By creating spaces with designs that promote human productivity and using technology to enhance experience in the work place, Table Space is a Just in Time, pay as you go managed office space provider. We help our clients save on expensive capital required to furnish an office or go through the rigorous pain of setting up an effective facility management team. However, our primary focus is on the “Employee”. We are focused on creating services and experiences that would significantly enhance the productivity of your employees so they can focus on work and we take care of everything else.

THIS  is a network of workspaces designed to enhance experience and elevate human productivity at work. Our locations are fully furnished, fully serviced, offices designed for companies who need 10 -1,000 seats.

Each private cabin comes with private access and has combination of open seating, manager cabin and discussion room.

Designed around enhancing employee experience and reducing costs required to build and run traditional offices, Table Space locations provide you with every amenity and service you would ever need in an office

Personalize climate control
Our technology driven climate control allows you to set the temperature as you would like it. Our intelligent systems automatically reset the temperature to suit your requirements

Best in class air quality control
Air quality is a basic human requirement and the #1 driver of human performance. Our patented technology on air quality control ensures you always breath the best quality air at all times within the office.

Designed around people
From laundry services, crèches, concierge services, we provide services at the workplace to ensure you don’t always have to rush home.

Amenities at TABLE SPACE in old airportroad :

– High Speed Internet
– UPS And Power Back Up
– 24/7 Access
– Private Working Offices
– On Demand Housekeeping
– Personalized Climate Control
– Best Possible Air Quality
– Round The Clock Beverages
– Office Supplies As And When Needed
– Front Desk And Reception Services
– Collaboration And Common Areas
– Wide Network


Private Room: 18 seater–₹ 192500 /month
17 seater–₹ 180000 /month
26 seater–₹ 292500 /month
27 seater–₹ 305000 /month                                                                                                                                          17 seater–₹ 180000 /month




TABLE SPACE in old airportroad
TABLE SPACE in old airportroad