At CoKarya, we are taking the shared office concept a step further. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can do more. We solved have the problem of infrastructure, what next? Can we offer flexibility? Yes. Can we help the business grow? Yes. To that end, we are creating an ecosystem to help you find new ideas, customers, vendors and investors.

Services at CoKarya:

  • Workspace as per requirement
  • You pay only for the amount of space you need in terms of
  • cabins and workstation. Any changes to your requirements in the
  • future would also be taken care of!
  • Time period as per your require
  • You can book your workplace for a day or even for a year with
  • absolutely no monetary hassles.
  • Boost for your business
  • Imagine connecting to investors, clients,
  • vendors and partners all from your workstation!
  • Plug and play environment
  • Support services
  • Lower all your administrative overheads with a coworking environment.
  • Prices start at just Rs. 2,500* / month

The concept of a shared office space is not entirely new. The practice of people working in the same office premises but not belonging to the same business has existed in some form or the other. Business centres have existed for quite some time now and so has the practice of businesses having surplus office letting out this space to other businesses.

​Off-late the concept of ‘Coworking’ / ‘Co-working’ has gained popularity with its focus on community, collaborative atmosphere, informal environment and open working spaces.

​No matter by what name you call it, the underlying idea is simple – that by sharing the physical infrastructure entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed professionals, small businesses and corporate teams can channel more of their resources to where it is needed most.

​Address605B, 6th floor, Infinity IT Lagoon, K-1, EP & GP, EP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

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