CO.LAB.ORATE is one-of-its-kind coworking place where you can come down to work and share ideas with a multifaceted crowd. A place where work is REDEFINED. The space is entrepreneur friendly and proves to be an amazing place to work. This firm has adopted a friendly and informal environment thus allowing people to interact, learn, network and share information and experiences. The in-house event and workshops also nurture and develop the entrepreneur in an individual.

With growing aspirations of people to quit their jobs, implement novel ideas and come up with their own startups, there is definitely a startup boom in the society and business environment, but one shortcoming with increasing number of startups is affordable space.

For every problem that arises, there are people out there with unique solutions. Similarly, to tackle the problem of space for entrepreneurs, 3 Hyderabadis came together and started the concept of coworking in our city. Coworking is a style that facilitates people from diverse backgrounds to work together in a common space. These occupiers, also called coworkers, are not necessarily employed by a single organization. The group also comprises freelancers, travellers, startups and entrepreneurs. In the coworking style, people share values and are interested in the synergies that can happen from working with like-minded people in the same space.

This coworking firm has an active floor of 3500 sqft with in house spacious lounges, pantries for cooking and small break out areas. The whole space available at CO.Lab.Orate can easily accommodate 50 people at one go.
“We organize regular events and workshops on a weekly basis. The idea is to keep the startup mechanism active and running. An event a year or on a half-yearly basis does little in keeping the system active. Hence, we organize events of all kinds like discussions, technical workshops, debates, food meets and so on. All the events are free and everyone is welcome to be part of them because of the varied nature” says one of the founders.

Amenities at CO.LAB.ORATE:

Open 24 Hours

Coffee Provided

Conference Room


Parking Pet Friendly

Shared Printer

Weekends Wifi

Address: Flat #102,Siddhartha Residency,Besides Jubilee Ridge Hotel, Kavuri Hills Phase1, off road 36 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad , Telangana, India

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